Aluminum Body Repair

Aluminum Body Repair

Aluminum Body Repair and Frame Repair

We are certified for the replacement and repair of multiple manufacturers’ aluminum parts and panels. Its commonly known Aluminium is more difficult to repair and work with than other materials like steel. Aluminum is a light, strong, corrosion-resistant metal, and less expensive than steel. That is why manufacturers are starting to use aluminum more than ever. As you can suspect, working with aluminum auto parts requires specific tools and technology. At Metropolitan Collision, we use the most advanced technology and machinery available, as well as manufacturer recommended processes to ensure top quality craftsmanship to return your automobile to you with the highest quality achievable.

Our precision collision repair services include aluminum body and frame repair. To repair aluminum parts and panels, special welding, bonding, and rivet-bonding are required. Our expert technicians have decades of experience, equipment, and technology to offer complete aluminum repair services.

Aluminum Body and Frame Repair

Vehicles with Aluminum Parts and Panels:

Aluminum Body and Frame Repair

Aluminum Body Repair Differs from Most Steel Frames and Auto Bodies

Repairing aluminum requires a complete understanding of the material and its properties. Although aluminum has some of the same properties as steel, it does not respond to heat as well as steel. If the aluminum on your vehicle is exposed to extreme heat during the repair process, the integrity of the vehicle can be compromised. Be 100% confident that when you require aluminum repairs to your vehicle, you can trust us to do it right!

Aluminum is the New Steel

We are the Auto Aluminum Body Repair Experts

At Metropolitan Collision, we specialize in all types of auto body materials, including Aluminum Body Repair. The expert Aluminum Body Repair technicians here at Metropolitan Collision have the knowledge and equipment to repair your aluminum-bodied vehicle back to its pre-collision condition. We stand behind our work with a lifetime warranty. For further details please see our warranty information below.

Aluminum Body and Frame Repair


This Warranty is valid for as long as you own the vehicle. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from unreasonable use, maintenance, or care. This warranty is void if the repairs have been tampered with or modified by anyone other than us. Due to wear and tear on vehicles, vehicle maintenance items such as batteries, oil, filters, tires, alignments, air conditioning recharge, light bulbs, etc., are not covered under this warranty.

Aluminum Body and Frame Repair


Metal Repairs: All Metal repairs and Aluminum Body Repair except rust. Paint Repairs: All paint repairs except rust, rock chip. Body parts labor: all parts

Aluminum Body and Frame Repair


All Parts carry a Manufacturer’s Warranty.

All Parts carry a Manufacturer’s Warranty. This Warranty is valid only if returned by the party owning the vehicle at the time the repairs were done. The final bill you receive must accompany the written list of Warranty concerns.

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